What is the admission process like at your school?

Applicants willing to be admitted to our school take tests in English and Math.

You can get more detailed information on the Admission Process page.

Which subjects does Big Apple Academy offer?

The school offers all basic subjects, including English Language Arts and Literature, Mathematics and Logic, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Art, Music, Russian Language and Literature, and Sports, which consists of gym and swimming sessions. The principal difference from other NY city schools is not in the number of subjects offered, but in more challenging curriculum which allows the school to teach children on a much higher level than their peers in public schools are taught.

Don’t your students get stressed out from too much work?

The daily schedule in our school is developed taking into consideration children’s age and developmental characteristics. Lessons are conducted in the way that engages children in an exciting interactive learning process, especially in elementary school. During class, the teachers use special attention focusing techniques to allow children to better understand and retain the material. This eases the workload and prevents children from being overwhelmed and stressed out. Also, the daily schedule includes walks in the park and free time when children can relax.

Are there any specifics that we need to know about junior high school and high school?

We pride ourselves on utilizing the most current and effective curricula. The school has recently adopted a new Technology curriculum which allows us to make the most out of intercurricular connections and involve students in solving real-life problems. Our school has computer classes with high-speed Internet connection

Why does your elementary school have a different teacher for each subject and not one teacher as in public schools?

A true professional cannot be an expert in several academic areas, such as math, language arts, or fine arts. Besides, our school system prepares children for a smooth transition from elementary to junior high school.

What does our monthly school payment cover? What extras does your school offer?

Your monthly payment covers tuition, books, three meals a day and the extended day till 5 p.m. The school offers academic clubs (Math Club, English Language Arts Clubs, Drama Club and Fine Arts Club) at an additional low cost.

What kind of meals does your school offer?

We offer three hot meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily in our cafeteria. The meals are cooked on premises by our New York certified staff. The food meets the standards set forth by the State of New York.

How old is your school?

The school was founded in 1992. We have been growing with our students. In 2004, our first 8th grade graduates were accepted into the best high schools of New York City and they are top students there till this day, and so are our graduates of the following years.

Is there a large staff turnover in this school?

All candidates for teaching positions go through a vigorous screening and interview process prior to employment. All the teachers in the school strive to do their absolute best in their classrooms. The criteria for choosing teachers include education, teaching experience, the level of English and personality. A teacher’s personality is a corner stone of our pedagogical system.

What is the grading system in your school?

The school has adopted a unified system of academic standards and grading. Students get report cards with percentage grades on a quarterly basis. In addition, we rate students according to the level of their academic ability. This system allows our school to stimulate interest in learning and influences students’ emerging self-assessment in a positive way.

Do children leave school? What are the reasons for this?

Unfortunately, some kids do leave. There are two typical reasons. One is parents’ financial problems, and the other is moving to a different city or state.

If a child leaves your school to go to a regular public school, would he/she be comfortable in a new environment?

Surely, they will be comfortable since our school utilizes the same basic methods of education and covers public school curriculum in accordance with the latest academic standards adopted by the State of New York. Our school only differs from public school because we offer extra subjects and our curriculum covers a wider scope of topics that are taught on a deeper level. This gives our students an opportunity to excel in public school environment after they graduate from our school.

How is your school year structured?

Our school year starts on September 1 and ends on June 26. Compared to 174 school days a year in public schools, our school year is 188 days. During fall, winter and summer vacations children may come to school. They have a wonderful time under the supervision of our highly professional teachers at school participating in games and contests, and they also go on exciting trips to the theater, circus, museums, and zoos. In summer the school is turned into a great summer day camp with its own traditions and life-long friends.