At the Big Apple Academy, we are committed to providing an excellent education that takes into account the interests, abilities and needs of each student and promotes both an understanding of diversity in our community as an integral part of school life and appreciation for it. It is vital that each student at the Academy develops his or her intellectual independence, as well as creativity and curiosity. These are the key and fundamental principles that distinguish Big Apple Academy from any other private school NY abounds in.

Our approach embodies a great array of learning methods and teaching styles. Our teachers successfully combine innovative and traditionally effective educational techniques in order to arouse students’ interest in the learning process. We help our students to learn and to find the motivation to reach their greatest potential. The curriculum is based on the individual abilities and interests of each student in order to ensure that every young person takes pride in his or her accomplishments. It is our academic philosophy to educate and nurture a diverse student population so that each child, as a whole person, may excel intellectually, live spiritually and act justly.

We strongly believe that education brings the greatest benefit when youngsters find rewards in the learning itself. The academic program of the Big Apple Academy has been constructed to engage the minds and hearts of our students and help them become lifelong learners. Our students are encouraged to think using their analytical power, imagination, and creativity. The Big Apple Academy invites young people to stretch and grow by exploring a wide variety of subjects. Our curriculum helps students to highlight and develop their natural talents and to grow in skill and confidence. Students studying in our K-8 NY school receive both regional and national recognition for their work in every sphere. We provide young people with an education that prepares students not only for college, but for life, as we teach them how to become independent thinkers, lifetime learners and active participants in a democratic society.