Junior High School



  • Unique Mathematics Program:
  • High Shool Regents Classes in Algebra and Geometry
  • PSAT Participation
  • National Mathematic Completitions and Olympiads
  • High scores on standardized tests
  • High School Admission Test Preps
  • Enrichment programs for advanced students


  • High School Programs in ELA, Social Studies, and Sciences
  • Regents in U.S. History & Government
  • Regents Examination in Biology
  • Comprehensive English Regents Exam
  • ELA SHSAT Preparation in Grades 6-8 (Block of 90 sessions)
  • National Olympiads in ELA, Social Studies, and Sciences
  • Research-Based Writing Project for Grades 7 and 8


  • Russian Language (Writing and Literature)
  • Swimming and Physical Education Classes
  • Drama and Dance
  • Great variety of academic clubs, sports, and after school activities


  • Two State of the Art Science Laboratories
  • Classes equipped with the latest technology (Smart boards, video, audio resources, etc.)


  • Advanced Classes in Computer Technology
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Social Adaptation and Ethics Programs for Grades 6-8
  • Health Education Program in Grades 7 and 8