2019 NYC state test report

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Every year the Big Apple Academy publishes its annual School Accountability Report that reviews the New York State Tests results in Mathematics and ELA.  This report compares the test scores of our students with those of their public-school peers. I would like to bring to your attention the dramatic difference between the standardized tests results exhibited by the students of the Big Apple Academy and the scores demonstrated by public school students.  When it comes to Math, less than a quarter of all NYC public school students performed on the highest 4th level in all grade levels combined.  In contrast to this sad statistic, 85 % of the Big Apple Academy students scored at Level 4!

Regrettable facts awaken us to a gloom reality- about 50% of NYC students did not reach the proficiency level, as well as, 24 % of NYC public school students simply failed the state test in Mathematics.

The state assessment data in English Language Arts is just as alarming. More than 50% of the public-school students performed at Level 1 and 2. In the meantime, the Big Apple Academy students have once again proven the effectiveness of our ELA program. 50% of our students exceled in mastering learning standards on their grade level. They demonstrated knowledge and skills that are substantially higher than those expected by the state requirements.

We are immensely proud of our students' achievements!  As a Blue-Ribbon Award school, we pledge our ongoing commitment to excellence in education as well our strive to excel further. The Big Apple Academy has once again exhibited its academic heights and superiority of its pedagogy.  The state assessment data is available to the public and you can view it online by following the link provided below.

We congratulate our teachers and students on such impressive results!  We are proud of our students and will ensure their academic and personal growth in the future!


With Respect,

Vlad Gorny

Follow the link to view

New York State Test 2019 Accountability Report

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