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It is admirable that the Big Apple Academy Alumni still find time to maintain a strong bond with the school despite their busy schedules and all other essential daily obligations.
Even though they have already graduated from our educational programs, they are forever welcome to visit their first Alma mater. We eagerly follow our students’ aca-demic lives, keep in touch with them, and are always readily available to offer our guidance and expertise.
Therefore, every month, we will publish an editorial on the life stories of our alum-ni. Those stories are the stories of hard work, high aspirations, and well-deserved successes. Their life paths took them in different directions, but all of them can proudly narrate their success stories setting vivid examples for our current student body!

If I go to the root of most of the good things in my life, that root was attending the Big Apple Academy.
Some of my fondest childhood memories were our class organized trips. Our homeroom teacher Mrs. Blokh took it upon herself to organize interesting and educational visits to Washington DC, Botanical Gardens, Boston, and countless other excursions. Even now as I am writing this, I’m grinning ear to ear remembering how enjoyable those moments truly were.
Scholastically, Bambi was (and is) elite. Upon graduating, I went to Stat-en Island Technical High School, one of the top schools in the country. My fellow Bambi graduates and I skipped a grade in Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Language and still, the first 2 years there were spent reviewing things we had already learned at the Big Apple Academy.
I still keep in touch with many of my classmates. David Kleyman and Alex Kagan, both of whom I met in Bambi, became my lifelong friends, and currently, we work together running three companies Wooter Apparel, CovCare, and AGS Grading.
Analyzing my life, I’ve come to realize that going to Bambi set me up for success in ways that I could not comprehend at the time. For that, I am forever grateful to the Big Apple Academy.

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