Beyond Academics English Department. Literature Fair

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While the English Department at the Big Apple Academy presents students with regular challenges like additional readings, writing, grammar and spelling (INSERT your collective groans HERE), it also finds extraordinary ways to present Literacy Boost books in a way that all children can enjoy. The magic of reading can be really seen when books come alive and when students can offer their interpretations of the stories through their acting. From envisioning the setting and to the understanding of the literary characters, students become enveloped in the stories that are so important that they speak beyond their time into the present.   
Mr. Mark Silverberg, along with his students, brought to life literary texts with incredible success! Thank you to Ms. Aira and Ms. Tanya and to all who participated in the production of this incredible theatric event!

Dina Kuzminer
Chairperson, Department of English

For pictures of the Literature Fair please click here

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