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That was pretty much a slogan for the Happy Doughnut Day hosted by the Big Apple Academy at the end of the third academic term. When we think of
school, our imagination pictures textbooks pencils , blackboards, in other words, and other educational symbols. But what if your beloved child comes
back from school with some traces of vanilla on his/her cute face? Do not believe it? Double check! It’s not a chalk , it is the original sugar frosting! We all
know that the school can be challenging, tiresome, and routine, but school can also be full of fun, excitement, and sweet pastry. At Big Apple Academy
we believe long hours of studying and hard work should be reworded with fun happy events as well as delicious treats.

Here at the Big Apple Academy we not only know our children , we understand and appreciate them! What can celebrate
happiness and innocence of childhood more than a magician performing before a group of happy youngsters devouring
doughnuts and displaying their missing teeth?

This dramatic title crowned the event, which took place on February 12th, 2015! The production of the event was dedicated to the 200th anniversary
of the renowned Russian Poet Michail Urievich Lermontov. The director of this musical production, which drew inspiration from the
poetic art of Lermontov was Tatian Komolova, a distinguished teacher of Russian Language and Literature at the Big Apple Academy. Middle
school students were passionately delivering the verses of the most renowned episodes of Lermontov’s biography. The tone of the event was
not purely literary, though! The acting of the most perplexed Lermontov’s dramas were presented by the students whose hearts and soles
were put into every world, every verse, every move!

A true holiday of the Russian poetic word would not be possible without a passionate Russian dance! Lermontov’s lyrics
came alive through the intricate choreography of Svetlana Cherner. And surely, the Russian theatrical performance could
not be imagined without melodious classical tunes. The professionally composed pieces were tastefully presented under
direction of the talented musical director Svetlana Bronevitskaya!

The craft of decorations and interior design of the event were shared by the joint efforts of home room teachers Ira Ruda, Zhenya Bloch, and Irina
Sterlikova. All components of the event added up to its extraordinary success. But the true spirit of the production was most certainly embodied
by a genius of Lermontov’s lyrics!

We would like to thank our teachers for putting on an amazing play. The children’s performance was outstanding and we really enjoyed watching it.
Parents of Mark Katsev (6C)

Captivating! Inspirational! Delightful! This show went beyond the facts of this legendary poet’s life, his poems and musical numbers. This was one of those rare events that offered a glimpse into the depth of a Russian soul.

Certainly, it was an incredible collaboration of tireless teachers and devoted middle school students. A surprising and unforgettable treat for all who were lucky to be there on that cold, winter morning at Big Apple Academy!
Yelena Raykhman (6C)

Let me express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to all those who put their hearts and souls into this event. There are no words, which can describe how much the students and parents of class 7A and other classes enjoyed this poetic celebration. Talented production by Tatiana Komolova was a masterpiece worthy of admiration!
Laris Isakov

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