Big Apple Academy’s Voice

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Big Apple Academy’s Voice

Dear Parents of Middle School Students!

The administration of the Big Apple Academy is pleased to announce an exciting upcoming event. Do not be alarmed in advance–the announcement does not reveal the new Common Core Standards, or another series of tests to evaluate your children’s of preparedness for the Regents Exams! We that the midyear tests can leave a bitter sweet taste and even endanger the spirit of season! The upcoming
event will literally make children’s souls sing and hearts rejoice! On December 23rd, the Big Apple Academy is going to host The Big Apple Academy’s Voice Contest to celebrate those of our students who are blessed with vocal talents and artistic flair! Our students will fill the school building to the roof with their melodious voices!Keeping in mind that our talented prodigies are still children, whose young minds still believe in miracles on the eve of the holidays, the administration of the Big Apple Academy has planned a pleasant surprise for the contestants and the audience! At the end of the event, in order to sooth their overheated vocal cords, school administration will generously offer to students tons of ice cream, fruits, doughnuts, soft drinks, and other snacks highly popular among children and commonly dreaded by the adults. This will create an atmosphere of true holiday miracle corresponding with the season!

Milena Olkhovetsky 6-CBeata Verkhavets 6-C

Abigail Pool 6-A

Jessica Izrailova 6-A

Ethan Khusidman 7-C

Sarah Livshits 7-C

Patricia Vitebsky 8-B

Lyle Lucas 6-B Alissa Medvedev 6-B

Sabrina Bagirov 8-A

Timothy Shvetsov 8-C

Alice Kosikov 8-C

Alice Petrikovsky 7-B

Flyangolts Michelle 6-C


We are looking forward to welcoming our talented contestants on December 23, 2014 at the true celebration of vocal talent, artistic expression, and performing creativity!


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