Breakfast with Principal

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What brings joy to a parent’s heart? A pair of sparkling eyes and a gleeful smile on a child’s face will usually hit the target. As principal, I find those happy proud smiles to be motivational and inspiring especially when those grins come decorated with the colorful donut sprinkles. It’s that time of year again to host my annual “Honor Roll Breakfast with the Principal”. Our best and brightest and most ambitious students celebrate today with delicious treats and fanfares of honor. At the Big Apple Academy, we have decided to let them taste the sweetness of their success in the most literal of ways. After all, they have earned it- after a hectic academic year. Let those multiple-times champions of academia greet their summer with ice cream and berry flavors. Let them taste summer fun!

Please follow this link to view photos of the event:

With Respect,

Vlad Gorny


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