Farewell, 2017 and Welcome, 2018!

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Farewell, 2017: Reaching New Academic Vertices

As we bid farewell to 2017, we proudly reflect back at this past year's highlights measured in our multiple achievements.  Indeed, the Big Apple Academy has many reasons to look back at the departing year with a sense of triumph. As a National Blue Ribbon Recipient, our school has lived up to its distinguished status.

Florid performances of our students in all subject areas enabled us to reach new academic vertices every single year. We proudly recognize the fact that the year of 2017 has reached a new apogee in the Big Apple Academy's history. This year, I would like to remark on the outstanding work of our English and Math Departments. Our students displayed a high level of performance on the state tests, leaving far behind their public school counterparts. Our students’ success on standardized tests derives from our endless efforts in improving teaching instruction.
This year in October, our eighth grades unraveled their full arsenal of knowledge for the PSAT 8-9 scrimmage. Their scores in Mathematics and English Language Arts surpassed even our highest expectations! An average score demonstrated by our 8th graders was 220 points higher than an average result exhibited by 11th graders statewide!

Our graduates proudly carried the academic torch into the best specialized high schools of New York City. This year the SHSAT outcome exceeded all of our expectations: 65% of our eighth graders have been admitted into New York City’s elite high schools, while the rest of the learners have been accepted by the schools of their choice.

Needless to say, the annual Olympic contests in all subject areas marked another successful year for the Big Apple Academy students. We can proudly state that in 2017, the Big Apple Academy proved to be one of the leading schools in the Nation in Social Studies and Sciences in Grade 3 through 5. Our students continue to make us exceptionally proud by representing the school in National Leagues of Mathematics and English Language Arts. The team of our seventh graders outperformed all other participants, placing our school at first place in New York State.

We have a lot to be grateful for this year, but we strive to raise the bar even higher inspiring our students to reach new horizons. I would like to embrace this opportunity and wish every member of our extended community a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! We appreciate your contributions, we value your work, and we salute our mutual and individual successes.

Farewell, 2017 and Welcome, 2018!

Best Regards,

Vlad Gorny

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