It’s All Greek To Me! News Flash from Camp Half-Blood

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Dear Parents and Students!
During these dreary weeks of winter, our students enjoyed an incredibly unique opportunity to visit the mythical and magical realm of Camp Half-Blood. Inspired by the modern rendition of Greek Mythology through the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, students of Grades 3 through 6 participated in an extraordinary presentation during which a beloved book quite literally came to life, complete with gods, goddesses, mythical monsters, and the characters of The Lightning Thief, the first book in the Percy Jackson series.

It’s All Greek To Me !
News Flash from Camp Half-Blood!

It isn’t often that a good story can come to life and the students of classes 5-A and 5-C, the hosts of
citing event, made it happen!

As many of you know, Mount Olympus residents are quite flighty and fickle. Many did not bother to stay for a photo session. However, adding to the magic of this event, the rest of the immortal crew was captured on film and these photographs will be available to all who request them. Before they left, our demigods learned to write their names in Greek (to make test signing more exciting for our teachers). They also tested their Greek mythology trivia skills, and what skills they were! Greek Vases were created, along with, of course, camp necklaces. The greatest and the yummiest part of the visit was the ambrosia and nectar tasting (obviously!) We hope that our demigods enjoyed themselves to the fullest! We also want to point out that only through reading, many adventures, magical and the ordinary kind, are possible! So next time a book seems boring or difficult, imagine how you can make it come to life!
Happy Readings!

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