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Dear Parents,

These days, we are rapidly entering a new era in which our societal structures are shifting at an accelerating pace. This new era premises to change learning dramatically, effecting the ways education prepares learners to their future lives. Over the next decade, our lives will become so inextricably linked with our digital companions that we can expect to find ourselves living as partners in code! These changes will open a wide set of possibilities that we all can help shape. Digital generation of modern students spends more time in front of computer screens than turning pages of actual books. We have to employ this tendency to our advantage, pursuing educational goals and allowing our children to do what they like most-using electronic devices.

As such, below, you will find a list of websites that are designed to help your children in the various content areas. Some are relevant to elementary school students, while others may benefit middle school children, preparing them for the Regents Examinations in Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. We encourage you to have your children visit these websites as educational tools in order to enhance their learning.

Best Regards,

Vlad Gorny


Living Environment Regents Prep. (State Labs) (Environmental Impact) (Homeostasis) (Review of cell organelles, diffusion, mitosis, and meiosis) (Body Systems) (Reproduction) (Organic Molecules)

U.S. History and Government Regents Prep.

Mathematics (Mathematics K-12) Mathematics K– 6 (Cumulative tests are included) (Collection of games) (Mathematics K-12) (Practice worksheets K– 8)

English Language Arts
(Resources for practicing reading skills, writing skills, interactive and print-out games, etc.)

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