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Dear Parents,

As the oppressive summer heat is now beginning to change for the pleasant autumn breeze, I am delighted to welcome all students back to school for the 2021-2022 academic year at the Big Apple Academy, a nationally recognized Blue-Ribbon School. The faculty and staff have accomplished an impressive amount of work to prepare both school buildings for another year of learning and growth. I sincerely hope that the upcoming school year will be less stressful than the previous two. Unfortunately, we are still amid the pan-demic, therefore we will closely monitor the health situation and follow all regulations mandated by the state.

I know that many of you have questions regarding the Covid Protocol, testing, lifestreaming, etc. I will address all these and many other questions in the next issue of the Principal Deck dedicated to important school procedures for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

As of now, let me extend my special greetings to the parents of the 2021-2022 Kindergarten Class. On September 1st, 2021, your children will begin an exciting yet challenging journey to the world of knowledge. Please allow your children some time to adjust to our rigorous learning routines. We hope you will stay in contact with our classroom and subject teachers to make your children’s transition into school life smooth and enjoyable.

In addition, I would like to send my special greetings to our future graduates who are entering eighth grade this year. Please be prepared for another challenging year marked with an intense schedule and preparations for the Regents Examinations in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Please note that this year, our eighth graders will be taken Regents Examination in U.S. History and Government in a new format adopted by the New York State. I am confident that the graduating Cohort of 2022 will face these challenges with perseverance and commitment to hard work.

Furthermore, starting from October 4th, our fifth graders will participate in the “Digital Five” Project. All fifths graders will be provided with personal laptops that will be used in school during instructional time. I am confident that this new educational component will boost students’ involvement and encourage individual learning. Technology will undoubtedly continue to evolve worldwide, and the Big Apple Academy will adjust its classrooms in order to align its educational process with these advancements. Therefore, expect more great news on innovations at the Big Apple Academy in the future.

As we begin a new academic year, please remember that we sincerely welcome your parental involvement. Since we recognize that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, we need your input to provide your children with the best education possible. I wish you a relaxing end to a beautiful summer of 2021.

Welcome back to the Big Apple Academy!
Best Regards,
Vlad Gorny

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