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Dear Parents,
Teachers, staff, and the Big Apple Academy administration are optimistically looking forward to the beginning of the new academic year. The following Principal’s Desk issue will be dedicated to important information that all parents should be familiar with. I am confident that the procedures mentioned below will improve student achievement and strengthen our academic programs.

First Day of School:
School year for Classes K-8 will begin on Tuesday, September 6. During the first week of school, all students will review school safety protocols and get acquainted with the teachers and staff. Teacher Introductory Letters will be sent to families to ensure productive communication between parents and teachers.

Student Pick-Up
For the past two years, we have embraced parents’ requests and allowed child pick-up anytime after the instructional hours. Unfortunately, this practice did not meet the needs of our academic programs. Therefore, we have returned to the practice that was used for more than two decades: parents will no longer be allowed to pick up their children during Homework Preparation Time. Instead, parents can pick up their children either before or after Homework Prep. during the designated student pick-up time.

Digital Programs
As I announced earlier, our Middle School students will obtain an opportunity to participate in a digital program. On September 12, all Middle School Students will be provided with their laptops for in-school use. We kindly ask all parents to review and sign the Technology Agreement that will be distributed to students on Monday, September 12.

Information for Fully Remote Students
All parents of fully remote students should pick up textbooks and learning materials between August 30 and September 2. Please note that all packages will be labeled and located by the school security desk. Textbooks and learning materials will be distributed at the school backyard of the 86th Street Building (Grades 3-8) and the front yard of our Lake Street location. (Grades K-2).

I cordially invite you to greet this school year with enthusiasm and hard work in building our children’s academic future!

Best regards,
Vlad Gorny


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