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Dear Graduates,

Although, sadly, this will be my last letter addressed to you as students of the Big Apple Academy, it carries the most important message.

With a tremendous amount of pride, I have the pleasure of calling you graduates. In doing so, I am also calling you talented, intelligent, well-rounded people who are ready to take on the world!

It is an extraordinary honor to watch a group of innocent little children grow up to become thoughtful and responsible people. You are these people!

I am glad to have been witness to your growing from childhood into young adulthood.  But more importantly, I have seen your transformation into motivated and ambitious go getters!

A famous person had said once that people who reach the farthest, who are able to attain all that they set out to accomplish are those who have the daring and willingness to do so.

And this is my most important message to you–dare! Dare and be willing to work hard! Dare to achieve despite all the difficulties you may encounter! Dare to be great!

I leave you now having dared you to reach for a bright and a successful future!
Do not forget to come and say hello-the doors of the Big Apple Academy will always be open to you!
Do not forget to tell us about what you have dared to achieve!

With sincere and warm wishes,

Vlad Gorny


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