Welcome Back to School! 2017—2018 School Year

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Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the Big Apple Academy, a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon school!

The oppressive summer heat is now beginning to give up in the face of the pleasant autumn breeze. The new notebooks and journals glisten invitingly and lure your children into the exciting adventurous world of knowledge and academic discoveries.  As soon as the sound of the school bell will replace the ringtones of cellular devices, your child will dive into the school routine with a new vigor and enthusiasm. As the gold shades of leaves begin to remind us of the new academic year, I welcome all of our students and novices into our wonderful educational community and wish you good luck in your educational endeavors.

I would like to welcome aboard our youngest cohort of students and extend my special greetings to the parents of 2017– 2018 Kindergarten class. We understand that our youngest students are at the sensitive age when a transition into a challenging, but exciting academic world may appear a little stressful. Our teachers are well aware of your parental concerns and will ensure that your children have a smooth entry into the exciting world of knowledge.

In addition, I send special greetings to our future graduates who enter Grade 8 this year. Please be prepared for a challenging year marked by an intense schedule and preparations for the Regents Exams in Math, Science, and Social Studies. I am confident that you will meet these challenges with perseverance and hard work.

As we begin this year, please remember that we sincerely welcome your involvement.  Since we recognize that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, we need your cooperation and input to provide your child with the best education possible.


Vlad Gorny

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