Test Results


Interpreting State Test Results

In spring 2013, for the first time, the 3rd-to-8th-grade New York State Tests began to assess the important skills students are learning through the Common Core. Unlike past year’s tests, the 2014 State Common Core tests focused more on the skills students need to become ready for college and careers. After the test, schools and families received reports that explained how their children performed in English and Mathematics. Students are assigned a Performance Level based on how they perform on the test.

There are four possible performance levels: NYS Level 1, NYS Level 2, NYS Level 3, and NYS Level 4. Each student is assigned to a performance level based on the scale score earned.  The lowest level is Level 1 and the highest is Level 4. This document will help you to interpret each performance level giving you a clear picture of Big Apple Academy’s academic performance in both subject areas in comparison to the NYC public schools.  In all graphs the students of Big Apple Academy are represented with Red Color, the district result is displayed in blue, and finally, city-wide data is presented in yellow.


Moreover, the 2015 New York State Report for Non–Public schools indicates that the Big Apple Academy has became the state educational frontrunner displaying significantly high students’ scores that place the school in the top 10% of the highest performing schools of the Empire State . Our students’ success on standardized tests drives from our willingness to embrace numerous challenges associated with the implementation of the Common Core and our endless efforts in improving teaching instruction.

We cordially congratulate our students, teachers, and parents for the significant achievement results we are proud of. As the new academic year brings another waive of standardized testing, we confidently continue to move forward in our efforts to provide our students with the best education possible.

2014 BIG APPLE ACADEMY Test Results: