At the Top 10 Statewide: Proudly Looking into a Future

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At the Top 10 Statewide: Proudly Looking into a Future

As we all know the Common Core State Assessments continue to generate heated debates in New York State and across the entire nation. Politicians at all levels, parents, and school administrators alike dispute the pros and cons of yearly testing. Many schools implement rigorous CC standards into their teaching instructions quite frequently prioritizing test coaching over the quality of teaching.

Private schools hold their own independent opinion regarding annual testing and oftentimes do not participate in state assessments at all. At the Big Apple Academy we believe that standardized testing holds teachers and schools accountable while allowing the schools to determine efficiency of their academic programs. Therefore, we pay particular attention to our students’ performance on standardized tests. We view these test scores as barometers of our
efficiency not as educational perspectives guiding our academic standards! This differentiation in educational values produces the world of difference in terms of pedagogic methodologies. Ultimately, test scores that our students receive reflect our emphasis on effective teaching as opposed to traditional test-taking coaching employed by many others reputable schools.

Thus, we strive for continuity and higher academic productivity. In the year 2015, the New York State Report for Non-Public schools indicates that the Big Apple Academy has become the state educational front runner displaying significantly higher students’ scores, which place our school in the top 10% of the highest performing schools of the Empire State. (Please see NYS report, our results on page 172).

We congratulate our students and thank our teachers and staff for everything they have done to engrave the name of our school name among the most reputable educational institutions statewide. We are certain that our current educational success will pave its way into a brighter, more distinguished future.


Vlad Gorny

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