Beyond Academics “The Magic Horse”

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Exploring the World of Professions

It is widely known that a stage gives children an opportunity to express themselves in a unique capacity. A stage enables actors to undergo a magic transformation to become more than meets the eye. A stage can ignite a passion that will incorporate the best that one’s character has to offer. It can introduce a passion that a child would have never otherwise discovered! Drama gives children an opportunity to experiment with language in engaging ways by centering on words to convey action, reveal character, imply attitudes, and identify themes. It enriches our students’ communicative, social, and artistic skills while exploring some of the modern and classical plays written by famous playwrights. Therefore, the teachers of the Big Apple Academy often incorporate drama into the learning process.


This January, the Department of Russian Language and Literature and Ms. Komolova presented to our school community their new creation – “The Magic Horse”. Colorful costumes, vivid decorations, melodious voices, and dozens of inspired children’s hearts– were the major highlights of this extraordinary production.

A successful artistic project is always a product of professional collaboration.  We recognize the contributions of our homeroom teachers who performed various tasks, sometimes creative and visible, and oftentimes concealed from the eyes of the audience, but, nonetheless essential for delivering this artistic performance to its ultimate success. The warm words of appreciation should be addressed the musical, choreographic, and technical support professionals who have accompanied this artistic project from its first rehearsals to its triumphant culmination!

Dear students,

We cordially congratulate you on another successful artistic event. You are the endless source of inspiration for your teachers and parents! Save us the most comfortable seats for your next performance! We promise to be quiet as you leave us speechless!

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