Lockdown Procedures and Practice Drills

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Dear Parents,

The administration of the Big Apple Academy considers the safety and welfare of our students to be a top priority. On February 7th, March 1st, and March 7th, the school administration will conduct a school-wide “Lockdown Drill.” The purpose of this drill is to keep students safe from any possible danger emerging from outside or inside the buildings. During a “Lockdown Drill,” all of the perimeter doors to the school building will be locked and will remain locked until a possible “danger” or “issue”, whether outside or inside the school building, is terminated. To ensure everyone’s safety, no one will be allowed to enter or exit the school buildings until the school principal authorizes such a release.

We practice all necessary safety drills throughout the school year to familiarize our students, teachers, and school support personnel with the safety steps designed in response to emergency situations. Our school works closely with local authorities to develop and implement proper safety procedures. The goal of lockdown drills conducted throughout a school year is to improve our ability to protect students, save lives, and minimize students’ injuries. Moreover, these practice drills allow us to evaluate our emergency operation plans and enhance our response skills.

If you have any questions regarding the school Lockdown Procedures, please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section below:

Lockdown Procedures and Practice Drills:
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a “school lockdown”?

A lockdown is an emergency procedure designed to protect occupants of any building from an external harm or suspend the movement of occupants in case of an intruder or a restricted weapon being present in the building. During a school lockdown, only emergency response teams from law enforcement agencies are permitted to enter the school. In addition, building occupants must remain where they are and cannot leave the building until escorted outside by response personnel.
Are all lockdown drills the same?

No. There are two different levels of “lockdown” that determine how a situation will be assessed:
Level 1 – Hard Lockdown/This level represents an imminent threat inside the school.
Level 2 – Soft Lockdown / This level represents a possible threat that is close to, but not inside the school building.
Is the school personnel prepared to handle a lockdown situation?

All teachers, security personnel, and supporting staff are fully trained in recognizing and responding to all lockdown scenarios.
Why do children have to participate in a lockdown drill? Does it not create a stressful situation?

Most students react to lockdowns as part of the usual school routine, much as they would react to fire drill. While they may find the change in routine confusing or difficult, few students are likely to respond with real fear or anxiety. Our staff is trained to discuss lockdowns and provide emotional support when needed. Often children are comforted by the message that lockdowns, like fire drills, are just one more way that adults make sure their children are safe.
If you have any other questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With respect,

Vlad Gorny

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