Principal’s Desk: COVID 19

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Dear Parents,

 We are genuinely committed to keeping our students healthy and are taking every possible precaution to ensure our students’ physical and emotional wellbeing.
¨ Upon arrival to school, every Big Apple Academy student and staff member is greeted by a school employee who dispenses Foam Hand Sanitizers on a mandatory basis. The same procedure is administered every time our students enter the school cafeteria.
¨ Additionally, students are reminded to wash their hands during breaks, use sanitizer if coughing or sneezing, and apply other common-sense measures.
¨ We ask our students to avoid sharing snacks and advise you not to allow your children to bring finger foods to school during this time.
¨ School personnel regularly sanitizes doorknobs, light switches, desks, cafeteria tables, and stair banisters.
¨ We have acquired the Digital Infrared Non-contact Thermometers to monitor our students’ health conditions and to notify their parents of the first signs of deteriorating health.
As of now, our students exhibit regular levels of attendance and we do not observe any signs for concern with regards to the possible spread of the  COVID 19.
We assure you that the administration of the Big Apple Academy will continue to monitor the situation and take all possible precaution steps.
Best Regards,
Vlad Gorny

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