The Magic World of Mathematics

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The Magic World of Mathematics
As you enter the doors of the Big Apple Academy in December, you see an enthusiastic group of children with glowing smiles and shining eyes! It is not surprising because this is a usual reaction of the Big Apple Academy students to the annual Math Week.  This week is dedicated to raising children's awareness about the fact that Math is all around us.

All the teachers under leadership of Violetta Dubinina, the Head of the Math Department, allowed their students to express creativity and enthusiasm in a variety of Math-related ways!

For some people Mathematics celebrations might sound boring. The Big Apple Academy students prove otherwise. Imagine funny hats of different geometric shapes, think clever jokes that are actually Math riddles, and merry songs, and rhyming poems.  To be honest, it sounds more like a Math festival rather than a Math Week.

All students across the grade levels enjoyed their absolute favorites – Math games!  They produced quite a splash of intelligence and analytical creativity.  What a way to honor Mathematics, the queen of all sciences!

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